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Sandwich is a comfort food all around the world. Its healthy, hearty, easy to carry and super delicious. Sandwich was popularised by John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, Britain in 1762, thus dish is named sandwich. John was addicted to gambling and to save his time he ordered his chef to prepare something which he can eat while playing card so his chef stuffed some cold cuts in between two slices of bread and hand over to him. He loved it and sandwich became stable food for John while playing cards. Some people thinks John Montagu as inventor of sandwich, but this is a myth. He just popularised sandwich in mainstream. We get many references of food dishes very similar to sandwich in middle ages. Also in Anatolia and Mediterranean, people used to stuff many things in pita bread for centuries. Sandwich has wide history around the world. Around the world you will find many gourmet sandwich. So lets look into some of the popular sandwich around the world.

1. Croque Madame, France

Croque Madame is French hot sandwich, prepared by stuffing ham and cheese between two slice of bread and then grilled and served with sunny side up. Its a famous comfort food in every cafes and bar across France. Its was first appeared in the menu of Paris café. Croque Madame have a version know as croque monsieur. Only difference is sunny side up, Madame is served with egg and monsieur without it.

2. Banh Mi, Vietnam

Banh mi is a Vietnamese sub sandwich. Banh mi mainly contains meat (either pulled or cured meat) with vegetables like red onion, carrot, daikon, cucumber and coriander. Banh mi in Vietnamese means bread. Banh mi is a fusion of Vietnamese and French cuisine, since bread used in banh mi is baguette and liver pâté is spread over baguette and the fresh vegetables used in the sandwich give it a Vietnamese touch to it.

3. Cubano sandwich, USA


Cubano sandwich was invented by the Cuban immigrants in Florida, US. Thus sandwich is named Cubano. Its a variation of ham and cheese sandwich with some addition like pickle and thinly slice cooked pork. Cheese used in Cubano is specifically swiss cheese. Cubano was the food of labourers in mid 19th century but today it is treated as a comfort food all over the US. Cubano is served both hot as well as cold.

4. Bombay sandwich, India

Bombay sandwich is a grill sandwich, stuffed with spiced mash potato with capsicum, beetroot, red onions and served with mint and coriander chutney. As the name indicate it was first prepared in Mumbai, India. This sandwich is inspired by the British sandwiches which generally contains pork and other meat and in India many people are vegetarians, so the meat was replaces with spice potato mash and other local ingredients, which make Bombay an iconic amalgamation between British Indian food.

5. Smørrebrød , Denmark


Smorrebrod is traditional Danish open face sandwich. It is the symbol of Danish culinary expertise. It is even older then modern Danish cuisine. Mostly smorrebrod is consumed in lunches. Smorrebrod in Danish means bread and butter, the most important element in smorrebrod is bread. Traditionally rye bread is used for smorrebrod. And for toppings almost anything can be topped from eggs to fish, poultry, red meats, cured meats, pork, vegetables, sour cream, cheese. You just name it and it can be part of your smorrebrod platter.

6. Tea Sandwich, UK

Tea sandwiches are traditional British sandwiches eaten with afternoon tea, it is also referred as finger sandwich. It is cut in rectangular shape for ease of eating. Its a light sandwich with only few stuffing in it. Traditional tea sandwich mainly contains cucumber, tomato and cheese. But there are not specified ruling for the stuffing. Whatever you like you can put it into the sandwich.

7. Katsu Sando, Japan

Katsu is deep fried crumbed cutlet of either pork or chicken. In japan katsu is very famous, it is normally eaten with a gravy and sticky rice. To make katsu more handy Japanese made a sandwich out of it. In which the katsu is stuffed in white bread for the snack and known as katsu sando (Japanese slang for sandwich). Katsu sando is very popular in japan and also all over the world because it is crispy, meaty, and flavourful.

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