All about vegemite – history, benefits, flavour

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Vegemite is a brewer’s yeast-based spread, loved all over Australia, it is a dark, salty, bitter and umami flavoured spread. Many non-australian hardly like vegemite, but in Australia, it is one of the most favourite spread. In Britain, they eat a similar product known as marmite, marmite is less intense, has a consistency like thick molasses syrup and has slight sweetness as compare to its Aussie cousin.

Actually, vegemite is the Australian version of marmite, because Marmite was invented first in 1902 and vegemite was invented in 1922. In 1922, Fred Walker hired a chemist Dr Cyril P Callister and gave him a task to create a product from leftover brewer’s yeast similar to British Marmite. In several months, Dr Callister made a product from brewer’s yeast by adding different vegetable and spice additives.

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Who named the product ”Vegemite”?

After the creation of a product, for naming the product Mr Walker ran a campaign in which he offered 50 pounds prize to Australians whoever gives an appropriate name to the product. The name of the person is not known who named the product, but we know that walker’s daughter selected the name vegemite amongst thousands of suggestions.

Vegemite took its own time to get recognition in the Australian market. It got famous during the late 40s. And from then it became an integral part of Australian food culture. Also, there are many vegemite infused product available in Australia because of the popularity of vegemite. Vegemite is also getting popular over the internet, some non-aussie YouTubers are making vegemite taste test video, which gave vegemite global recognition.

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