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La Bonnette Potato – the world’s most expensive potato

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La Bonnette potato is a rare variety of potato which can only be grown in the Isle of Noirmoutier situated on the French Atlantic coast, in the Bay of Biscay. The price of Bonnette potato can reach up to £500 ($575) per kilo. Bonnette potato is a delicate variety, which needs more care and cannot be plucked by machinery. It needs skilled labourers for harvesting. It is grown only 3 months a year and harvested just in one week, which makes Bonnette variety rare.

La Bonnette can only grow on the strip of land which is around fifty square metres. To get the exact flavours and delicate taste. The soil is fertilized by seaweed and algae. La Bonnette has lemon and chestnut notes to it, which comes from seaweed. In 1996, in an auction, Bonnette was sold at the price of $1200 per kilo. The majority of Bonnette potato are purchased by French and Dutch restaurants, which prepare gourmet dishes from Bonnette potatoes.

In 2011, Tesco, a British supermarket chain, started growing the Bonnette variety on the Isle of Jersey in the channel, they analysed the climatic condition and soil with the isle of noirmoutier and they saw soil of jersey very similar to its French counterpart, and they started the mass production on Bonnette potatoes and sold the British variety for only £2.99, but then to the Bonnette from France didn’t lose its value at all, it still is the most expensive potato variety.

La bonnette potato
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