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Panna cotta recipe – Creamy Italian delight

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Panna cotta is Italian set dessert mainly made from cream, sugar and gelatine and goes very well with coulis (fruit based sauce). This Italian dessert is simple but super delicious dessert and just need some handful of ingredients. It was first made in Piedmont, Northern Italy in around 19th century AD. But who and when invented is still a mystery. There are many stories related to panna cotta but none of them are reliable. Panna cotta means cooked cream in Italian, since cream needs to boil for dissolving the gelatine. So lets just look upon the recipe of this fabulous Italian delight.

Panna cotta recipe
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Recipe of Panna cotta

Preparation time – 10 mins
Setting time – minimum 4 hrs
Servings – 4 serves
Course – Dessert


  • 2 cups – heavy cream
  • 3/4 cup – Milk (preferably skim or toned)
  • 1 tbsp – powdered gelatine (1/2 tbsp agar agar, if making veg version)
  • 1/2 cup – sugar
  • 1 tsp – vanilla extract
  • Any types of berries or coulis for garnish


  • Firstly, take a saucepan and heat up the cream in it
  • When cream starts heating up add milk and sugar to it
  • On the other hand bloom your gelatine or soak it up into warm water, if using agar agar no need to bloom it.
  • Once the cream mixture is boiled add bloomed gelatine or powdered agar agar and vanilla extract to it and mix it well.
  • Mix it with whisk to avoid lumps
  • Now pour the mixture into the moulds and put the cream mixture in refrigerator for least 4 hrs. For mould you can use fancy glasses, silicon moulds and also ramekin.
  • After the panna cotta is set, its your choice to unmould it or not. I personally use fancy glass as mould and i generally don’t prefer unmoulding the panna cotta, but if you like you can easily do it
  • Once the panna cotta is set you can garnish it with berries or fruits, coulis, caramel, chocolate or any other thing which you like.

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